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Professional athletes know the value of working with a coach.

Founding and working at a startup is a professional sport, and it’s time leaders began thinking of themselves as the athletes they are.

Whether you’re a startup founder, early employee, or leading as an individual contributor, the challenges of building something that’s never been done before is not for the faint of heart. Some days, you just can’t bring yourself to do the work you know you need to do. You struggle with co-founders, managers, co-workers. Emotions like fear, guilt, frustration, and anxiety can be common.

A coach can’t make your path easy.

A coach can help you become more self-aware of what you bring to the workplace, communicate more effectively, uncover creative blocks, and hold you accountable.

I’m currently a coach-in-training and will be certified by the IAC by the end of summer 2021. While I complete my training, I’m working with a small handful of clients.

I work with individuals and groups of co-founders.

or text me at (610) 322 - 6069