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Become a more confident, farseeing, capable leader and build a company people love to work at.

Building a company is punishingly hard and being a founder is lonely. From day one, you have to level-up over and over again, adapting from specialist to generalist. You have to go from having a great idea to being great at recruiting, hiring, management, organizational design, fundraising, and more in a short period of time where the pressure is on.

My coaching is a combination of strategic & tactical advice and inquiry-driven self-exploration.

A lot of company-building comes down to installing the right “software.” A great hiring process (among many other things), for example, can be thought of like a program you install and improve as your company grows.

If you’re running an outdated program, you can quickly find yourself behind the ball. For example, nobody uses America Online to access the web anymore, and you wouldn’t even consider doing so—you probably use Chrome. But many founders, when they’re building their businesses, either use “outdated software” or try and build their own instead of adopting best practices.

The same metaphor can apply to the self. As you find yourself with more and more responsibility, you find you need to upgrade your software. For example, maybe your interpersonal conflict resolution program was fine for managing conflict with family and friends, but now that the way you communicate affects everyone at your company (in addition to their families and friends), you realize it’s time for an upgrade.

That's what I'm here for. To help people become more capable leaders.

I'm also here for more. I believe leaders’ capability has to be measured on two things beyond whether their leadership works for themselves: 1) tangible business outcomes and 2) creating a container for people to do work they love as often as possible.

So if you’re interested in leveling up, driving tangible positive business results, AND doing your damndest to make your workplace a place people turn to their spouses and say, “I fucking love my job,” then let’s talk. But if you’re not committed to all three, then I'm not for you.

My standard rate for coaching is $4,000 - $6,000 a month for 60 minute sessions every-other-week.

If you want to learn more about how working with me works, I keep a page in Notion updated with FAQs, pricing, and more here.

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